The Residence on Grand Bahama Island



- 120 Villas and more -
on Grand Bahama Island



  1. 120 Villas, each 4,000 sqft (370 qm), with 7 bedrooms and baths, a swimming pool and a double garage, on 0.37 acres (1500 qm)
  2. 3 large Public Buildings (Restaurant + Library, Cafe + Supermarket and a Theatre), each 50,000 sqft
  3. Kindergarten and School; Nursery
  4. Paying with UN-Dollars (UND): for example the dinner in the restaurant; in the cafe and the supermarket; or for chartering a seaplane; or for recording, mixing and mastering audio
  5. Built by Donald Dean, The Architects Incorporated, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island (Bahamas)



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